Change Part Boards

The value of change part boards

Change part boards are a great way of storing and keeping your change parts safe, parts are often expensive and hard to replace so taking care of them is very important.
Usually when we are first approached parts are on pallets on the floor or in cupboards, they can easily get damaged and it is hard to see what condition they are in or if any are missing, storing them on a proper custom made change part board minimises these risks and gives a professional look to your factory, this can save money in the long run and like tool boards helps in the implementation of quality management systems.

Mobile change part boards are great where you need to take the parts to the machine or where you don’t have enough wall space for wall mounted boards. They can be single or double sided and can me made to different heights to suit your needs.

Wall mounted change part boards are a good way of storing the change parts where you need them, it keeps them safe and you can see if anything is missing or damaged at a glance, boards can be marked with titles and descriptions of the stored parts.

Change part boards are very versatile and can be fixed, mobile or stored on custom made trolleys, looking after expensive and often hard to replace parts is essential, the initial cost of manufacture is often outweighed by the advantages of keeping the change parts safe.

The change part board process....

We usually need a site visit to look at your requirements, it may be more than one visit as one set of change parts are usually on the machine, we assess the parts and how they will hang and photograph then to get accurate shadows. We then agree a layout before we start and manufacture the boards and come and install them.

Change part boards are a great way to