Hygiene Boards

The Benefits of Hygiene Boards

Hygiene boards follow the priciple of tool shadow boards and change part boards in that the principle is having everything in it’s place so you don’t have to go searching when you need them, the boards can hold dust masks, goggles or any other PPE required as well as wipes or cleaning roll, they can be wall mounted next to the machine or mobile if you don’t have wall space or you need to wheel them to where they are required. The boards can be double sided maybe having food contact on one side and non food contact on the other side if they are for the food industry, being a different colour on each side.

Mobile Hygiene boards are great where you need to take the cleaning equipment to the machine or where you don’t have enough wallspace for wall mounted boards. They can be single or double sided and can me made to single or double sided

Wall mounted boards are good for keeping all the cleaning equipment in one place so you can always find them, they can hold brushes shovels, dust pan and brushes as well as scrapers any other cleaning tools and the PPE required to do the task.

The boards can be double sided and have different colours on each side if required to show equipment for different areas, so for example food contact or non food contact, these are very popular within the food industry to separate equipment.

The Hygiene Board Process....

We can generally quote for your requirements from a list of the equipment and photos of anything that is not standard. On receipt of a purchase order we then start to do a layout, we prefer to measure the equipment so we can get accurate shadows and it helps with the layout of the boards. Sometimes the supplier of your equipment will have details of the products including dimensions so we can get details from there, we would then supply a layout before we manufacture the boards. For wall mounted boards we can fit them as well if required.

Hygiene Shadow Boards are great for systems