Other Visual Management products

What other Visual Management Products do we supply ?

Visual management products range from Tool Shadow Boards, Magnetic Walls, Change part boards, Hygiene boards that all have their own pages on this site to LOTO boards and all the accessories for building up the magnetic walls like magnetic ring binders, single sheet and book holders. We also supply magnetic action boards, magnetic titles and a range of bespoke dry wipe boards.

Magnetic ring binders are our most popular accessory for Visual Management, they are used to store information on meeting boards made up from magnetic walls, they can hold information on production, Safety or anything else relevant to the board.

Loto boards are a very important part of any modern workplace, safety is paramount and these play a vital role in it’d implementation, all our boards are bespoke to your requirements and are not a one size fits all solution.

Dry wipe boards can display all sorts of information from safety to 5s or action boards to display priority actions in your work area. They are bespoke to your requirements and can be wall mounted or magnetic to fit on your magnetic meeting boards.

Choosing your V M Accessories

We have a wide range of stock accessories ready to be despatched as well as bespoke products that we manafacture to your requirements, magnetic ring binders are our biggest seller available in various colours, sizes and orientation they are very versatile at displaying information and along with acrylic document holders and magnetic titles you can build up safety, operational or handover boards relatively quickly and you can easily change them when required.

V M accessories are great for etc.

Magnetic Walls
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Change Part Boards
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Hygiene boards and accessories
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Tool Shadow Boards
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