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Visual management covers several areas of you business, from having magnetic walls to build up professional and adaptable meeting areas to 5s a visual standards system originating in Japan (sort-set-shine-standardise-sustain) whose principle is everything in its place to create an efficient visual workplace saving time and money. This includes hygiene boards, tool shadow boards as well as change part boards and 5s floor markings to show where equipment or tools belong so everyone knows where to find them and don’t have to search around wasting time. Magnetic walls are a great way of displaying meeting information that due to it’s magnetic nature can easily be adapted or changed. We specialise in this type of work and you can click on the links in the menu to find out more about each of these or use the contact page to get in touch.

Change part boards are great for keeping your often expensive and hard to replace change parts all in one place and safe from getting damaged, these can be wall mounted or mobile and you can see if any part is missing at a glance, they can also be named on the board so it is obvious what they are.

Tool shadow boards follow a similar principle to change part boards in that all the tools are kept together and unlike being in a tool box it is easy to see at a glance if anything is missing or damaged, that can be wall mounted if you have wall space or mobile if you need to wheel them to your work area.

Magnetic walls are a popular asset for progressive companies using quality management systems following a Lean Management or TPM programme. It makes it easy to visualise the information you need to get across whether it is on safety, production or other information.

The Visual Management process.....

A site visit is usually recommended so we can best see your requirements, we can measure the room for magnetic walls or look at the workshop and tools for tool shadow boards, we offer the complete solution from measuring through to design, manufacture and installation.

Visual management is a great way to in your workplace

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